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Automate Your Supply Chain Compliance Declarations

Save time and cost by automating your supply chain substance declarations for REACH, RoHS, Prop 65, other industry lists and simplify your SCIP dossier submissions


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How do you comply and stay up-to-date with declarable substance lists as they emerge and change over time?

To sell their products suppliers need to understand, comply, screen and keep up-to-date with an increasing number of declarable substance lists and substance regulations all over the world.

The REACH Restrictions and Candidate List, RoHS, RoHS2 amendments, POPs, Prop 65, EU MDR, Battery Directive, Packaging restrictions, PFAS, TSCA, and other industry lists are just a few examples of the declarable substance lists applicable to part, component and finished product suppliers.

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How do you gather data across complex supply chains and respond to substance compliance requests?

Sending and managing compliance data directly between suppliers and customers is expensive and inefficient. Constantly changing regulations and complex supply chains mean DIY solutions result in poor data quality, which dates quickly.

BOMcheck's centralized substance compliance platform provides supply chain management and standards-compliant communication tools, as well as training and guidance to help suppliers create and share high-quality regulatory compliance declarations with all their customers through one dashboard.

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BOMcheck's award winning substance declaration and SCIP compliance platform

With a suite of software tools, training resources, intelligent screening assessments and first class support, BOMcheck reduces time and costs to keep up-to-date with substance regulations and send/receive compliance declarations through complex supply chains all around the world.

Dynamic BOM management tools allow you to automatically check the compliance of 1000's of parts any time substance lists are updated.
Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD) tool provides concise chemicals guidance and a materials risk database to help suppliers investigate materials at risk of containing regulated substances.
Full Materials Declaration (FMD) tool shows substances that are currently regulated and automates your RCD generation and communication as new substances become regulated.
Automate your SCIP submissions using the most comprehensive and cost-effective ECHA SCIP integration on the market with over 50% of all SCIP submissions coming directly from Sphera BOMcheck.
Manage your data securely in our ISO 27001 certified platform and download declarations in industry standard IPC 1752A XML, IPC 1752B XML, PDF or Excel Formats.
Confidentiality tools enable suppliers to control which customers have access to their FMDs and/or RCDs.